Printed Marketing Pieces


Liz Von Hoene: Wink

Liz Von Hoene is known for the sophisticated, whimsical imagery she creates for clients ranging from Neiman Marcus and Stuart Weitzman to Target and Macy's. And there's one word she consistently used when talking about her work: "wink." She always wanted her photographs to have a wink—a sly bit of humor. I thought "wink" was a fantastic catchword for her and conceptualized a printed piece around it. The idea was to produce a series of promos over time, each one on bright-white tabloid-size newsprint, to showcase her images within Liz's "wink" brand. I worked with Liz on the edit and designer Julia Moburg, who brought an elegant touch to the final piece. "Wink" was later featured on Rob Haggart's popular A Photo Editor Instagram feed.

Brinson+Banks: LA Woman

For Los Angeles–based photo duo Brinson+Banks, a.k.a. Kendrick Brinson and David Walter Banks, producing a print piece for their ongoing portrait series, "LA Woman," was inevitable in the very best way. For several years, Kendrick and David, two Southerners who moved to Los Angeles in 2012, have been shooting portraits of creative young women in their homes. As 2017 got under way, it became clear that there was enough work—and enough of a story—to go beyond the blog posts and eblasts that I was creating via their rep, Stockland Martel, to promote the project. I pitched the concept of a print piece, and the agency's principals approved it. (It helped that while the idea was under consideration, Time magazine's Lightbox blog featured "LA Woman.") I wrote a tagline for the project, "Young creatives at home in the City of Angels," and designed the 22-page piece in order to showcase as much of the most compelling imagery from the series as possible. Kendrick and David are former journalists, so when I suggested they compose extended captions telling the story of each of the women, they gamely interviewed all of them and sent me the notes. The final piece calls out each woman's name, her many creative pursuits (DJ, pianist, tattoo artist, etc.), and her neighborhood, and includes a bit of insight into things like what she loves about Los Angeles, what inspires her, and and what she hopes to achieve. View it online here

Steven Lippman

The concept for this newsprint promo was to showcase not just Steven Lippman's range—celebrities, athletes, fashion lifestyle, and surf culture—but also his style. I wanted the piece to feel like Steven, a former model turned photographer and director who embodies the Malibu surf-and-skate, tattoos-and-white-tees lifestyle. Instead of choosing overtly commercial images, which would have given the piece a sourcebook tone, I leaned toward photographs that highlighted Steven's conceptual and atmospheric inclinations. The format—tabloid-sized newsprint, printed by the Newspaper Club—provided maximum visual impact and poster potential. Steven's agent shipped the finished promos, each one wrapped in a clear cello envelope, to 200 select clients.