I worked in publishing for many years, as an editor, writer, and managing editor—for publications ranging from Entertainment Weekly to Modern Painters and Photo District News.

In 2009, I expanded into marketing, eventually becoming creative director of Stockland Martel, a well-respected NYC-based agency representing top commercial photographers. There, I was responsible for promoting the entire roster (on average, 30 photographers), as well as strategizing with the two principals and the sales team.

In January 2018, after Stockland Martel’s owners retired and closed the agency, I moved to Los Angeles and began working independently with photographers and agency owners, mostly as a consultant and treatment writer.

My role is to help people clarify their goals, and work with them to make a plan and schedule to achieve them. I’m an inveterate optimist, and it’s from that perspective that I approach every project. I’m also an artist (though not commercially), and I understand that indescribable internal alchemy that inspires people to create. —Kristina Feliciano


Self-portrait, NYC, 2013.